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Is a Tag Heuer Watch Worthy of Your Time and Money?Is a Tag Heuer Watch Worthy of Your Time and Money?

You have probably always dreamt of owning a Tag Heuer watch but have you ever wondered why there is so much hype around this watch brand? A collector of luxury watches and watch lovers either remains loyal to a certain brand or is keen to diversify his collections. Tag Heuer, a Swiss brand for watches, represents the finest Swiss horology tradition.

It has been around for more than 150 years and continues to have a promising future. Tag Heuer is one of the best-known watch brands in terms of precision watch-making. Their stylish timepieces have been sported by celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and model like Cara DeLevigne.

It is a watch that is worthy of your money and time because of the accuracy it offers; it provides chronographs that can be associated with top-level sports; this explains why Tag Heuer is still the official timekeeper for Premier League matches. The brand has always been known for its cutting edge technology and chronograph design. The Monaco V4 was launched in 2004; this belt-driven design drew inspiration from car engines. The Mikrogirder has dual architecture that ensures that it can record down to 1/2000th of a second.

If you are looking at this brand of watch as an investment, you should understand that it is not the same as investing in stocks or shares in the stock market. You buy this watch because of its excellence and style; not because you can get returns on it. There is no sense in spending a fortune on buying a Tag Heuer and then keeping it locked inside a box. You can of course consider investing in a limited edition model. Like most other premium watch makers this brand releases some limited editions of models; these are exclusive of course and will have potential for investments. They can also gain in value over time. But the true value of such a timepiece lies in how you can use it and the appreciation you get from wearing it.

If you look after a Tag Heuer watch it will last you a lifetime. Every watch conforms to superior quality standards and should ideally last many years. You must wipe the exterior clean using a soft dry brush or cloth and try to avoid getting it wet when you have leather or fabric straps. You should get the watch services by professionals once a year to check the seals, or renew the battery if needed. Make sure you only go to authorized dealers who have the expertise to handle such watches.

Tag Heuer watches are worth the money if you consider the number of watches the brand sells to its customers every year. Entry-level watches are available for less than 1000 pounds. For instance the F1 Quartz gents’ models with rubber straps start from 850 pounds. You will find the same materials being used in the costlier Monaco, Carerra, and Aquaracer models. If you like to own a diversified collection of watches, you should go ahead and invest in a Tag Heuer. These will always trade for higher prices. It a good choice for someone who wishes to own luxury watches without having to break the bank. It can also be a perfect choice for a first-time buyer of high-end watches. It continues to be popular for its marketing campaigns with celebrities and appeal in the world of sports.